Matthew 13:44-46

These comments are from a sermon preached by the late David Wilkerson. They are worth cultivating as our own experience. From our own perspective, we see these points as a description of the life of someone who has found true freedom in Christ (John 8:32).

Michael and Sandy

Christ is the Treasure hidden in the field. In Him I have all I’ll ever need.

No more looking for the accolades of men or finding fulfillment in people.

No more hiding behind a false projected image.

No more pretenses.

No more twisting words, events, and situations to place myself in the best possible light.

No more positioning or posturing myself to gain a personal advantage or to court man’s favour.

No more taking the higher seat.

No more need to build something for God or to be a success in the eyes of man.

No more needing to feel useful.

No more operating in a performance mode for the acceptance and the approval of man.

No more trying to keep up with my peers to prove my worth in life and ministry.

No more searching for ways to please people.

No more trying to think or reason my way out of hardships or difficulties.

I have found what I’m looking for. My Treasure is Christ. in the process of selling all that I have to buy the field for the Treasure therein. I am full of joy for the Treasure that I am digging out. I have found my One Pearl of great price. He is my Lord Jesus Christ. This One Pearl is precious and priceless, and I cannot live without it.